Jonathan Colam-French Director, The Dandy Lions Apothecary Cantoria




We hired Valoser S.L. to undertake two areas of renovation work; creating a new patio round our pool and the conversion of two store rooms which were incorporated into the main house.   


The patio area needed serious renovation work, having previously been sectioned off with walls creating a series of footpaths and tiny seating areas round the swimming pool.  The team lifted and cleaned the existing paving blocks, levelled the area and introduced a drainage channel for the rainwater.  The team also removed a telegraph pole in the middle of the patio which the main electric cable came off, rerouting the mains electric via a more direct route to the house.  By far the crowning glory to the new patio space is the tiny Casita that has been built to house the pool pump equipment and has an outside shower to one side, this truly is a beautiful little building.  


Originally the two store rooms could only be accessed from the garages but the team knocked through a doorway to the main house so that these could be integrated with the main living space.  Our original plan for the rooms was to have one as a gym and use one for storage, though as the works progressed our plans changed.  The store room needed a new roof and this required raising the walls slightly, when we saw the difference that this made to the space we decided it would be a waste to use it just for storage and decided instead to use it for the gym and so we asked Valoser S.L. to additionally replace the windows in the room and to tile the floor.   Valoser S.L. have been very flexible in meeting our evolving needs.  


We also took the opportunity of having builders in to resolve a series of more minor matters in the main house which had been previously renovated by a DIY expert.  These works included levelling floors and patching in tiles in a  couple of rooms and replastering a wall in our kitchen.  


Valsoer S.L. clearly have a large number of people working for them; we typically had 4 people working on our house each day, and 8 people when the new roof was installed.  They’ve also been able to undertake electrical and plumbing work.  


Domingo, the boss, is an excellent chap who is meticulous in coordinating the works, visiting site several times a week to check on progress and ensuring quality.  He has also been proactive in suggesting changes to our plans, the removal of the telegraph pole being a prime example along with sourcing original Andalusian doors for the house.  


We are really pleased to have found Domingo and his team and have no hesitation in recommending Valoser S.L.  Indeed we will be employing them again in the near future to refurbish our kitchen.  


We are taking part in a UK TV show about moving to Spain and you will be able to see our renovation work on Channel 4’s  ‘A New Life in the Sun’ due to air from January 2018 onwards.








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